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Papillon Collection: Flirty & Sensual Earrings

Papillon Collection: Flirty & Sensual Earrings

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Papillon is in French means Butterfly and symbolizes freedom or a free man or woman. The Papillon represents breaking free from all societal norms and restrictions. There are no chains on the papillon as they can go where ever they want and do whatever they choose.

Hence, this Papillon Collection brings out the flirty and sensual side as an expression of freedom to life. 

It is light and airy brings out the flirty effect and with the soft vibrant color pair with pearl or crystal brings out the sensual side.

This Papillion Collection has variant of designs to choose which would be perfect for all occassion and show it off as self expression to freedom of life.

We understand that shipping cost could be expensive and so we provide FREE SHIPPING.

This Papillon Collection is delicate and hand-made so it will take 21 to 28 working days to arrive at your home. Good things come with patience. :)

Don't just buy 1, buy 2 or more to share with your best friend, your mum, your daughter, your sister, your wife/girlfriend/bestie as we have 'Buy 2 Free 1' promo and it automatically FREE on the third one. 

As it very limited pieces, once the design is sold out there will be no more stock.


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