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Third Eye Chakra Crystal & Rhinestones Eyelash Necklace

Third Eye Chakra Crystal & Rhinestones Eyelash Necklace

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This vintage Third Eye Chakra Crystal & Rhinestones Eyelash necklace is patterned in tear drop, eyelash pendant with high mystic 'third eye' element or known as 'Wisdom' chakra to increase intuition.

This necklace is gorgeous and perfect for all occasion and suitable for women and men as well. 

It is long chain necklace so it will hang loosely around chest area.

It is beautifully made from gold plated on sterling silver and it will last long as do not in contact with perfume, alcohol. chemicals, water and it is not advisable to wear to sleep. 

The eye and tear drop are made from colored crystal and eyelid are made from tiny rhinestones.

We understand that shipping fees could be expensive and so we offer FREE SHIPPING. It will take 21 to 30 days to arrive at your home.

We offer 14 days refund but please do read our T&C on Refund Policy to understand further.

Length: 60cm
Pendant Size: 4.5 * 4cm

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