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24K Gold Big Papillon Ring

24K Gold Big Papillon Ring

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Yellow or Gold in colour Papillon a.k.a Butterfly is a sign of Hope and brings guidance.

A Gold Papillon represents creativity and also reminds us to have fun. Seeing one yellow butterfly around meaning something exciting and fun is coming on its way.

So, by wearing a Gold Papillon will surely brings lots of happiness and fun.

Yellow butterfly also represents a new life, transformation and also re-birth. 

For Chinese culture, a Gold Butterfly represents deep passion love inside the heart of two lovers.

Gold takes on the color Yellow so Gold Papillon represents wealth and riches, good fortune, honest prosperity and also long life span of good health. 

In short, Gold Papillon is considered very auspicious omen and charm to have.

Another believe also if one sees a yellow butterfly at beginning of the year or season, then soon will hear the good news of a birth of baby.

This 24K Gold Papillon Ring is re-sizeable and so it can fit anyone.

It's width is 16mm and length is 21mm and weigh about 4g.

We provide FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and it will take about 21 days to 28 working days to arrive at your home.

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