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Yin Yang Colors Beaded Bracelets

Yin Yang Colors Beaded Bracelets

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Everybody has Yin (Female) energy & Yang (Male) energy in oneself.

Wear this Yin Yang bracelet to balance out your Yin Yang energy to have more fulfilling & balanced life.

2 pieces of Yin Yang bracelet with 2 different colors suitable for men and women.

This could wear together advisable to balance the Yin Yang energy or separately with your other half.

The lighter color beads represents Yin (female) energy which highly recommended for person who has higher Yang (male) energy and the darker/deeper color represents Yang (male) energy to balance out the higher Yin (female) energy.

Otherwise, bought 2 sets or more to share with your beloved ones.

Item Type:  Beautiful Bead Bracelets
Model Number: Charm Bracelets
Function: Bracelets For Men & Women
Bead Size: 8mm  

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