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Beautiful Blue Opal Butterfly Sterling Silver Ring

Beautiful Blue Opal Butterfly Sterling Silver Ring

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Beautiful Blue Opal has its ability to give courage to its owner as it represent the 'Wisdom' Chakra, the Thinking Ability. It can help to clear away anxiety and give power to take a step forward.

It is a great healing gemstone to release stress and worries and brings peacefulness.

This beautiful gemstone also helps to increase self confidence and clear away energy of self-hatred and promotes self-love.

Blue Opal also brings luck in business ventures so always keep it close to important meetings.

Beautiful Blue Opal combined with a Butterfly symbols 'Transformation' in embodiment of taking original idea to market and also heighten senses to find potential and talents in others. It is practically useful for managers and leaders.  

This precious gemstone embedded in a butterfly shape silver sterling ring from size 6 to 10.

Below show the measurement of ring sizes and how to measure it.

This beautiful ring is hand crafted and it will take 21 days to 30 days to arrive at your home.

We understand shipping cost could be expensive so we offer FREE SHIPPING.

With 14 days refund policy after you received the goods. However, read our T&C on 'Refund Policy'.

Ring Size Circumference(mm) UK,Europe & Australia CN/SG/JP Switzerland
5 49.3 J 1/2 9 9
6 51.8 L 1/2 12 11.5
7 54.4 O 14 14
8 56.9 Q 16 16.5
9 59.5 S 18 19
10 62.1 T 1/2 20 21.5
11 64.6 V 1/2 23 24
12 67.2 Y 25 27.5

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