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Fashion Statement Pearl Round Drop Earrings

Fashion Statement Pearl Round Drop Earrings

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Fashion Statement Pearl Round Drop Earrings.

Pearl is formed by the layers of layers of nacre by the sea animal to soothe the irritation of stucked sand to the soft body of the mollusk. 

Pearls are considered as gems of nurturing because of its origin as a result of 'self-nurturing'. Hence, pearls have the reputation of healing properties especially in traditional Asian medical. Pearls also have metaphysical in assisting calming and centering effect, as well as, nurture your loyalty, purity, faith and integrity.

Pearl also helps women connect with their 'inner goddess' and obtain ultimate 'feminine energy' while balances the production of hormones.

Pearls are used to heal the 3rd chakra, Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakra which helps eliminate ailments of stomach, ulcers and indigestion.  It also helps to balance the 7th Chakra which helps to lessen chronic headache and ailment like hypertension by absorbing the negative energy from the one who wears it.

Each earring is about 4.5 x 6.8 cm and total weight about 29.7 gram. 2 variants: Gold or Silver color with Pearl.

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